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Friday, December 10, 2010

I love cupcakes. I love jars. And what do you know, I've got a knee slapper for you- I love cupcakes in jars! Now isn't that surprising. Well, it shouldn't be. You know me by now, anything having to do with rich red velvet cake, fluffy cream cheese frosting, and adorable wooden spoons all tied up in string...I am so there. With the holidays just around the corner (literally) I thought I would share a very Becoming Lola-ish DIY with you. Don't say I never gave you anything. Its perfect for that sweet neighbor of yours, perhaps a coworker, or even party favors at the many soirees I imagine you will be throwing. The uses are endless. And of course, if you really want to be like Lola (yup, that's me) then just bake these bad boys for no reason at all. Other than...well, its a new day. Carpe diem dolls.

found via Cakies

•Red Velvet recipe of your choice (you can borrow my own!)
•mason jars (see my sidebar for my faves from Amazon)
•wooden spoons (try these)

•baker's twine (see my shop page above for great ones!)
•labels (love these)


1.Bake your cupcakes up all nice and fluffy, making sure not to eat them all!
2.Once they are cool, I slice them in half.
3.Place one bottom in each jar.
4.Pipe or dollop on a layer of frosting. Nice and thick now yall.
5.Take the top of the cupcake and place on top of the layer of frosting.
6.Flatten (gently smash) the top part of the cupcake inside the jar. You want to get the top sort of flat. If you have kids, get their hands nice and washed and let them join in. Kids never turn down smashing things right, right?
7.Now frost the top of the cupcake as if your were Picasso and this bad boy was your canvas.
8.Cover with the jar lids, label, and wrap the spoons with the twine. Voila! As easy as pie.

I found this in Becoming Lola

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