There is alot of roads to take, but only one will lead you to your Destination.....-Willow* Isabella

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today i just wanned to be in bed, i didn’t go to the gym, i just wanned to rest; finally i woke up, i took a shower, i did my hair & make up and i went to school…
I don’t know what’s wrong but i’m not feeling right, i feel like i need something else.
The weather doesn’t bother me but i feel like i need to go out or do something different to talk with someone about everything, to express my self and who i am with someone, to be real, to be honest, not to lie. I don’t want to rush either but i just want to go for a cup of coffe take a walk, lay down and talk… But rutine it’s killing and letting me down.
This is for you, for the person that will change my rutine and make it intersting, for the person that it’s now her to change it yet.

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